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Juan meets Luciana at the worst time of his life. They build their relationship in an atypical way. They spend their summer inside Badur Hogar weaving together a series of lies that will unexpectedly lead them to face reality.


About Director

With a background in Fine Arts in the 90's, Rodrigo studied Film Direction at Universidad del Cine and then began his work in film. In 2010 he returned to his city, Salta, and founded his own production company. He has produced short films, music videos, TV commercials and two feature films: MODELO 73 (2001) and BADUR HOGAR (2019).


Technical Sheet

2019 / 101min / Spanish / 3.2K / 5.1 / Color / Argentina

starring Bárbara Lombardo / Javier Flores / Nicolás Obregón / Daniel Elías / María Gracia Zandanel / and the special appearance of Cástulo Guerra  


assistant director Federico D’Auria / line producer Tito Torres / hairstyling Benjamín Cristóbal / make-up Poli Bianchetti / costume designer Cata Collado - Paula Ferrer / music by Axel Krygier / editor Federico Casoni / sound designer Juan Camilo Giraldo / cinematographer Gaspar Quique Silva / production designer Mariela Rípodas / associate producers Pablo Rollán - Mariel Vítori - Andrea Urquiola - Patricio Cárrega / production manager Maxi Dubois / executive producer Mariel Vítori / screenplay by Patricio Cárrega - Rodrigo Moscoso / directed by Rodrigo Moscoso

Technical sheet
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